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Mijn nieuwe Liberty webwinkel!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My new Liberty of London online shop.
Free worldwide shipping!

A special anecdote

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

About a year ago, a lady visited my shop and asked if I could make three little cuddle dolls (pilou's) for her three daughters. She asked this because she thought they needed a travel companion.
Of course, I was interested in where and why.
She told me one of her three children had a brain tumor and here in Holland was no treatment available, anymore.
They had to go to the USA for treatment and decided to go with their whole family.
A few days later, three adorable toddlers came in to choose the color of the hair and clothes for their own doll.
The girl who was ill, lost her hair due to chemo. She completely fell in love with the bold doll I had ready for her. She didn't want the doll to have hair. "No hair!" she said.
I told the mama, I could make the wig as a hat, so she could put it on and of as she likes. And that's what we did.

Now, about a year later, mama walked in again. It took a minute before I realized who she was, she looked much more firm and cheerful. She came to ask me if I could stitch the wig on. 
The little girl is cured and her hair has grown back.

Life is a precious gift.


Friday, September 12, 2014

She's very special to me....

Here's Evanne

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evanne is a 17" tall girl, her beautiful long hair is made out of locks from teeswater sheep, from the UK and handdyed with union skins (by Anita Jane). Her clothes are not different from quality childrens clothing, all made of natural materials, like, linen, cotton wool and alpaca. 

Evanne is een meisje van 43 cm. lang, haar prachtige lange haar is gemaakt van teeswater locks (van het engelse schapenras "teeswater") en het is handeverft met uienschil (door Anita Jane). De kleertjes zijn niet te onderscheiden van echte kinderkleding, alles van natuurlijk materialen, zoals, linnen, katoen wol en alpaca.

This doll is not suitable for young children.
Deze pop is niet geschikt voor jonge kinderen.