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Friday, December 20, 2013

Hot chocolate with muffins.

I've treated the girls on a cosy picknick in the shop.
To celebrate  Lunette's goodbey. She will fly home after her long yourney
and her long stay here in the shop.
She travelled from Langley (US) to Florida, to Georgia, to Alaska to Canada to Australia, to Tasmania and finally to the Netherlands, where she helped me to start up my new shop.
She really was a big help. The only thing was she did put her pockets full with all kinds of buttons and ribbons, "for Barrie" she said. Naughty girl.
The last weeks Lunette and Merle became best friends. Merle will fly to the USA, as well.

The beautiful wool painting is made by Wietske ( is for sale ;-)



  1. Those two are so sweet together!! Safe travels girls!

  2. What a pretty girls! The Sterntaler is also very pretty!


  3. Lunnette is terecht, we volgden haar site al een poosje en hadden haar niet meer gezien. GOEDE REIS!

    Groeten van Jufrouw Mier

  4. Wat leuk !een wolwinkel in mijn oude buurtje Amsterdam Zuid van mijn jeugd. Ik kom oorspronkelijk uit Amsterdam en heb nu zelf een leuk brei blog, bij interesse